It is the second phase of construction of an old Japanese-style house renovation project in Mima-city, Tokushima.
After the first phase of construction, there were numerous visits by administrative and company visits as a modern use case of old houses. In the 2nd phase construction, we aimed to create a more comfortable office environment, with the expansion of the office space, and development the kitchen and toilet.
In order to satisfy the functions required in the limited budget, we decided to intensively examine the volume surrounding the kitchen without changing the framework. In the path which was dark before, we set up a new kitchen counter as a "lighting place" where people gather.
The cedar board used for the counter and the stone of the Yoshino River laid in the approach speaks the story of the area eloquently.After construction by a local builder, we planned a DIY workshop by neighboring residents and stakeholders, and installed floor and wall paintings and postal shelves etc.
In the second phase of construction, we secured a flow line that can directly access the inner office area. As a new migration flow line was born, it became possible to use multiple spaces simultaneously and multiple times. As the third phase of construction, Repair of the second floor and the setting of the shower room are planned in the near future.

2018  Mima-city, Tokushima
Client:G&C consulting
Creative direction : COTONA Inc. (Teruhiro Kataoka)
Interior design : COTONA Inc. (Teruhiro Kataoka)
Construction:Naito kensetsu
Photo:Teruhiro Kataoka

2018年 徳島県美馬市
クライアント | G&Cコンサルティング株式会社
インテリアデザイン | 株式会社コトナ (片岡照博)
施工 | 有限会社内藤建設
写真 | 片岡照博
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