Exterior color design for the Kadonowaki public housing
This is the color scheme project for 4 restoration houses in Kadonowaki district, Ishinomaki-city where got heavy damage by tsunami in 3.11, Great East Japan earthquake.
With consideration for surroundings environment focusing on Mt. Hiyoriyama which is familiar with neighborhood, we organized a clear color scheme as a symbol of the revival in this area.
Supposing new detached houses will be built, we needed to find the method to make harmony with new scenery. In this occasion, we would like these houses to be leading force and to provide this area regionally-oriented color pallet.
Using warm colors of middle brightness and low saturation for the predominant color, we tried to create a feeling of unity.
Meanwhile applying the colors which is suitable for housing and feelable calmness, to slab of balcony and the wall facing to the street as an accent, off-white color was adopted. It gives modern expression taking future of this area.
Grand Prize at the "GOOD PAINTING COLOR 2017"

2016  Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
Architecture & Landscape | Takenaka Corporation
Exterior Color Design | Teruhiro Kataoka/COTONA Inc.
Photo | Hiroyuki Oki/
Blue Hours
門脇復興住宅 外装色彩計画
"グッドペインティングカラー2017" 最優秀賞受賞

2016年 宮城県石巻市
建築・ランドスケープ設計監理 | 株式会社竹中工務店
外装色彩計画 | 片岡照博/株式会社コトナ

写真 | 沖裕之/Blue Hours
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