Ishinomaki Public Housing Complex
This project is the color scheme for public restoration housings in Kahoku area, Ishinomaki-city.
Since 400 public and private restoration houses are built in this area, we tried to establish townscape which is harmonious with surroundings to draw up district plan and design guideline.
To 200 public houses, considering the relation with surrounding mountains and river, 6 patterns of exterior color scheme are set.
In October 2017, the construction of the first section of public restoration housing had been completed and long-awaited occupancy has started. It has been 6 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake. From the houses people already moved into, the promise of human lives is spreading out. The second and third section of the construction will be started and whole construction of this area will be completed by 2018.
To new community formation and fondness of this area, we published a guidebook “Kamakura Techo” and held a workshop with cooperation from the one-time building firm association.

2015-  Ishinomaki-city, Miyagi, Japan
Business Owner | Rehabilitation division of Ishinomaki City
Basic Design | BAU Architect Planning Studio
Advisor | Toru Nakaki (Miyagi University) / Teppei Kobayashi / Masaki Imamura (Tohoku University *at that time)
Exterior Color design | Teruhiro Kataoka/COTONA Inc.
Landscape Design | studio terra landscape design & management
“Kamakura Techo”
Kawanoue project / IRIDeS, Tohoku University / COTONA Inc. / studio terra landscape design & management
Partners | massive emigration promotion division of Ishinomaki City / Rehabilitation division of Ishinomaki City / Ogatsu general branch / Kitagami general branch / BAU Architect Planning Studio / Nakata laboratory, Miyagi University

2015年 – 宮城県石巻市
事業主 | 石巻市復興住宅課
基本設計 | BAU建築設計室
アドバイザー | 中木亨(宮城大学)/ 小林徹平 / 今村雄紀(当時:東北大)
色彩計画 | 片岡照博/株式会社コトナ
ランドスケープ | スタジオテラ株式会社
川の上プロジェクト / 東北大学IRIDeS 災害復興実践学分野 / 株式会社コトナ / スタジオテラ株式会社
協力 | 石巻市集団移転推進課 / 復興住宅課 / 河北総合支所 / 雄勝総合支所 / 北上総合支所 / BAU 建築設計室 / 宮城大学中田研究室
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