This project is for revitalizing a 150 years old house into a co-working space. The building has been vacant for 3 years. Since the house is located in the historic district called “Udatsu-no Machinami” designated by the town of Waki, Mima-city, Tokushima prefecture, we redesigned the interior of the house instead of retouching its exterior.
During the research, we noticed the house, which used to be a merchant house, has an old ambience. It was also noted that the raised floor called “Mise-no Ma”, one step ahead of the doma (a dirt floor in the entrance hall) is one of the significant features of the house. Each floor is elevated step by step as you move further away from the entrance level. Thus our design concept is named “STEP” which was inspired by the different levels of each room. Through this concept we attempted to stimulate visitors to use the house for several purposes. The facility has a semi-public space, a meeting space, share desks, and a private office on the top floor. The building’s layout allows you to travel from public to private space by ascending the floors. Since each room is connected by a walk-through path, multiple rooms will be used at the same time.
We added a large kitchen space area in the previous hallway that used to be an unused storage space. Having a kitchen counter in the shaded hallway dramatically transformed the area into a “sunnier spot” where people tend to gather.
The materials and colors used are based on what this building historically used to have. A house’s dark exterior color scheme keeps the look and feel of an aged house, whereas a light color scheme is used for the interior hall. To reflect the regional character, local materials were used throughout the house, e.g., locally grown cedar wood from the Tokushima pref. covers the kitchen counter and stones found along the local Yoshino River were applied into the doma.
Additionally, we recycled an old Japanese zelkova frame and kept the existing stucco walls to show our respect for the building’s heritage and age. 
Since the building faces onto a historic main street, it captured people’s attention during the renovation and neighbours were seen chatting at the doma space. We conducted a DIY workshop by volunteers at the end of the renovation. The project was finalized with painting and attaching shelves to the wall. We hope this building and co-working space unite the town and people who have different backgrounds, connecting local neighbours, enterprising tenants, the government, and migrants over time.

2017-2018  Mima-city, Tokushima
Client:G&C consulting
Creative direction : COTONA Inc. (Teruhiro Kataoka)
Interior design : COTONA Inc. (Teruhiro Kataoka)
Construction:Naito kensetsu
Photo:Teruhiro Kataoka
そこでデザインコンセプトを「 STEP 」と設定、室内に現れるさまざまなレベル差を生かし、多様な行為の誘発を試みることにした。空間は、まちに開かれたセミパブリックな領域から、ミーティングコーナー、シェアデスク、最上段の個別オフィスに至るまでステップを上がるごとにプライベートな領域へと移行していく。それぞれの場所は回遊動線でつながれ、複数の空間を同時多発的に使用できるようにした。従前、活用されず物置き場となっていた廊下はコモンスペースに変更するため、キッチンを中心とするボリュームを挿入した。キッチンカウンターが設置されることで、薄暗かった場所は人の集う“明かりだまり”へと変身を遂げた。

2017年–2018年 徳島県美馬市
クライアント | G&Cコンサルティング株式会社
インテリアデザイン | 株式会社コトナ (片岡照博)
施工 | 有限会社内藤建設
写真 | 片岡照博

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