Corporate tool of Takayama brick architects design
We developed a corporate tool of Takayama Brick Building Design Company which is a brick design and construction group.The current owner, who is the third generation, is pursuing new possibilities along with the succession of tradition. In order to reflect his attitude, we examined a variable logo system passed down through generations.

At brick construction site, delicacy and dynamism live together.In the logo mark, we overlapped the appearance of a juggler and a craftsman who handled bricks freely.
Bricks dancing in the sky form "Yama", craftsmen who manipulate bricks have turned into characters of "Taka".Bricks forming "mountains" are called Yamakata Mark, and craftsmen who have acquired certain skills can succeed this crown.

2015 –  Japan
Client | Takayama brick architects design, Inc
Graphic Design | Teruhiro Kataoka (COTONA Inc.)
髙山煉瓦建築デザイン コーポレートツール



2015年 —
クライアント | 株式会社高山煉瓦建築デザイン​​​​​​​
業務内容 | ロゴマーク開発 / グラフィックデザイン
グラフィックデザイン | 株式会社コトナ (片岡照博)

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